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Middle School Tackle Football Takes the Field

Scheck Hillel Community School's first ever middle school tackle football team began its inaugural season Monday, August 21st.
The team took the field for the first time under head coach Tyler Conrad and assistant coach Mike Norman. 

Talks of a middle school team have been in the works for a while now and coaches and student-athletes alike are excited to see it become a reality, extending from the school's nearly 10-year-old varsity team. 

"I'm pretty excited to be starting this new middle school tackle team," said Coach Conrad. "We've been wanting it for quite some time to really expand our (football) program overall. Working with these kids all day long I know that we can have a successful team and we're just ready to get this off the ground and running."

Today's practice mainly consisted of gear distribution, expectations for the season and conditioning. Coach Conrad said he wants to make sure the team is on the same routine and they will focus on skills and drills for now before bringing out the pads.