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Athletics Forms & Physicals

Welcome to Scheck Hillel Community School's portal for paperwork submission for all students interested in participating in athletics here at school. The safety and well-being of our students are shared priorities; thank you for your partnership.
  • Please take the required steps outlined below so your child may submit everything necessary to participate in Scheck Hillel athletics.
  • Once you submit your information, scanned physicals and completed forms will appear in the system within or after 24 hours. 
  • Everything must be submitted before being approved to play, so please complete all forms prior to the day of try-outs.
Note: Your child’s pediatrician must conduct the sports physical and complete the physical’s medical form.

Thank you, and go Lions!

Instructions for DragonFlyMax Student Portal and Registration

To Get Started (video instructions are also available)

Step #1 Open your web browser of choice and go to https://www.dragonflymax.com/

Step #2 To register, on the top right side of the page click "Log In/Sign Up". Click "Sign Up for Free" enter your first name, last name, email. Be sure to enter your name. You will create/add your student-athlete soon.

Step #3 Check your messages for a verification ID, then copy and paste that code into the field and click "Submit".

Step #4 Once you have created your account. Click "Get Started", select your role as a "Parent", Connect to "Scheck Hillel Community School" by searching for our School. Review the information provided, click "Save". You will now be able to add your Student-Athlete by clicking "Add Child" Fill out the information for your child, select school, and assign your Student-Athlete to teams they wish to participate in. Please review your selection, make sure your Athlete is listed under the correct sport. Ex Varsity/JV High School, Middle School, Lower School. 

Step #5 Click "Submit Paperwork" under your child’s name on the "Today" screen. This will open their profile. Scroll down to the section that says "Things to do" and you should see a progress box for the school year. Click "Get Started."

Step #6 This will open a checklist of all the items you need to complete in order for your child to be 100% ready and eligible. Click the "Start" button to the right of each item to fill out the information.

Step #7 Fill out the information, Upload required docs such as Insurance, EL2 Physical, & EL3 Consent/ Release. Once you are complete. You will be pending approval. If any information is incorrect, it will be rejected and you will be asked to re-do. 

After-School Athletic Medical Forms
EL2 Physical

Video Instructions