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Academic Services

Academic Services and Programs

Individual students come to Scheck Hillel with a range of learning abilities and styles. Several support programs are in place to help meet individual learning needs.  
Learning Center
Scheck Hillel’s Learning Center provides Lower School students support in reading and mathematics, while Upper School students receive guidance in study, time management and organization skills. Small-group tutoring enables students to deepen their conceptual understanding of course content.
Schoolwide, Learning Center teachers collaborate with classroom teachers to tailor instruction to student needs. The primary goal is to empower students with strategies to become more effective, independent and efficient learners. Learning Center assists advanced students as well as those who need help with essential basic skills. Students may be referred for Learning Center support by their teachers or parents, and can receive such support once a psycho-educational evaluation has been conducted by a licensed psychologist.  
In-Class Support
In-Class Support provides students with varying exceptionalities additional help in their core General Studies subjects. Special educators monitor mainstream courses and provide differentiated instruction as needed. In order to provide individualized support, the program is capped for a low teacher-to-student ratio. Consideration for participation in the program requires a psycho-educational evaluation, as well as meeting stipulated academic requirements. 
Scheck Hillel offers assistance in English-language learning to those students whose primary language is not English. ESOL (English for Speakers of Other Languages) classes are small-group classes taught by a teacher certified in ESOL education. This teacher supports immersion language learning through instruction that targets the academic language that students find in textbooks, in the classroom and on academic tests. 

Nativ - the Hebrew word for path - is South Florida's first full-day program within a Jewish day school dedicated exclusively to children with dyslexia and related learning differences. Nativ provides remediation for alternative learners in Grades 1-5.
Nativ’s curriculum is aligned with Scheck Hillel's program, and includes reading, language arts, math, science, social studies, Judaic Studies and Hebrew. It provides a structured, multi-sensory, language-based curriculum in a supportive, individualized environment, where each child is able to develop his or her academic potential. By adopting compensatory learning strategies, students are able to transition into traditional classroom settings on a full-time basis. Nativ aims to enhance students’ abilities so they can succeed independently in all Scheck Hillel classes.

Admission to Nativ is based on a comprehensive, recent psycho-educational evaluation.

Read “Getting it Together: The Importance of Executive Functioning” written by Eileen Ginzburg, Scheck Hillel’s Director of Academic Services.
For information about Scheck Hillel’s academic services, please contact your student’s division head or Eileen Ginzburg at 305.931.2831 x140 (ginzburg@eHillel.org). For information about Kesher, please contact contact the Kesher office at 305.792.7060.