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Educational Administration

Head of School, Rabbi Ari Leubitz
Rabbinic Head, Rabbi Shlomo Sprung*
Chief Academic Officer, Craig Carpentieri
Director of Early Childhood Education, Orly Dromi
Director of Juda and Maria Diener Lower School, Libbie Zimmer
Director of Samuel and Henrietta Scheck Middle School, Josh Meisels*
Director of High School, Benjamin Thompson-Echevarria

*Scheck Hillel alumnus/a

Non-Educational Administration

Chief Operations Officer, Cheryl Camp
Director of Operations, Clara Gontovnik
Chief Institutional Advancement Officer, Ilana Gilat
Chief Financial Officer, Shaked Lavee
Director of Admissions, Sandra Levy '94
Director of Human Resources, Ana Baker
Director of Marketing and Communication, Will McGuinness

Board of Governors

The Board of Governors encourages school members to become involved in one of Scheck Hillel’s many volunteer committees and associations. Thank you for your continued partnership as we move forward on our path to provide students with the finest Jewish education. Together, we are taking Hillel from strength to strength.
Board of Governors
2023-2024 / 5783-5784

Isaac Marcushamer, Chair
Marc Haime, Vice-Chair
Jacques Bessoudo, Treasurer

Sharon Minski ‘97, Secretary
Michelle Azout ‘02
E. David Bensadon
Martin Fleischer
Anita Givner
Sara Sevillia ‘03
Jeffrey Scheck (Alumnus)
Philip Solomon

Joseph Woldenberg
If you would like to learn about Scheck Hillel’s leadership opportunities, please write to board@eHillel.org.

*Scheck Hillel Alumnus/a