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B’nei Mitzvah Date Request

Mazal tov! Your family has taken the first step in planning a momentous occasion. However you choose to commemorate this joyous milestone, we congratulate your entire family. Scheck Hillel’s faculty and administration look forward to partnering with you for this simcha.

Parents are encouraged to review the calendar below to enter children’s Bar/Bat Mitzvah dates and/or to review the entire calendar of dates entered by other parents well in advance. Scheck Hillel does its best to ensure that children’s Bar/Bat Mitzvah celebrations do not conflict with those of other students in the same grade or with school-sponsored events. 

To enter your child’s date, and for any other questions, please contact Scheck Hillel’s Director of the Samuel and Henrietta Scheck Middle School. Once we have verified that no conflicts exist, your date will be published for all Scheck Hillel parents to view. The Director of Middle School will be in touch with you upon notification of your date.

Scheck Hillel is blessed to be one of the world’s largest Jewish community schools, which means having many students in each grade level within our nurturing, diverse community. As a Jewish community school, Scheck Hillel serves children of all levels of observance. To enhance a family’s simcha by ensuring all invited guests are comfortable, Scheck Hillel expects parents not to schedule parties on Shabbat or Jewish holidays and to always serve kosher food. 

Being considerate of all students when planning a party, and to avoid the possibility of hurt feelings, please invite your child’s entire class or grade, or all of the children of the same gender in the class or grade. Extending this thoughtfulness, invitations to personal parties may not be distributed at school. For your convenience, families’ contact information can be found in the web directory in the parent section of eHillel.org.

To allow for participation of an entire class and to ensure the least interruption of the school day, Scheck Hillel invites and encourages families to host a tefillin service on campus for family and friends. For information about scheduling and catering, please feel free to contact the Operations Office at 305.931.2831 x836 / events@eHillel.org. Mazal tov!

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