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Scheck Hillel Inducts 53 Students to National Honor Society

Scheck Hillel’s Segula Chapter of the National Honor Society welcomed 53 inductees in a live-streamed program for families and peers on October 13.

Private and public school chapters across the United States and in more than 70 countries induct accomplished students based on scholarship, service, leadership, character and citizenship. These standards, described below, are considered alongside Scheck Hillel’s core values of Kavod, Chesed, Emet, Shalom and Ruach. To be inducted into Scheck Hillel’s National Honor Society, students in Grades 10-12 also must hold a 3.67 unweighted or 4.0 weighted GPA and must apply to be considered. Mazal tov to our 2021 inductees, their teachers and their families!
Joseph Abramowitz ‘23
Frida Alalu ‘22
Samara Alfie ‘24
Maya Arnold ‘23
Esther Attar ‘24
Samuel Attias ‘23
Hannah Azulay ‘23
Gabriela Benarroch ‘24
Simon Benarroch ‘22
Esther Bensadon ‘24
Joshua Bentata ‘23
Ariella Bitton ‘24
Sofia Braun ‘24
Daniel Brown ‘23 
Lara Bzurovski '24
Joel Camhi ‘24
Tara Cohen ‘24
Ariane Cotter ‘24
Lielle Daniel ‘24
Malvina Dimitri ‘22
Tamar Dinetz ‘24
Meitalia Factor ‘23
Isaac Feldman ‘24
Naomi Fischbach ‘24
Noah Fishman ‘24
Eva Gelb ‘24
Alejandra Goldszmidt '23
Natalia Gruener ‘24
Le-am Hamami ‘24
Aharon Heinrich ‘24
Tamar Kameo ‘23
Dov Kerbel ‘23
Edith Koenig ‘24
Tali Lancewicki ‘24
Maya Lev-Tov ‘23
Gabrielle Levy ‘24
Arie Lisker ‘24
Shalom Lev Meisels ‘24
Edon Prezelmayer ‘23
Noah Riven ‘24
Jeremy Schonfeld ‘24
Alexandra Serfaty ‘23
Leon Serfaty ‘24
Talya Shechter ‘23
Jacob Singer ‘22
Lynn Soffer ‘24
Ella Stern ‘24
Alan Strulovic ‘23
Moises Sutton ‘23
Noam Vainstein ‘24
Jessica Waxenghiser ‘24
Yael Weitzman ‘24
Joshua Wolf ‘24

National Honor Society’s Five Pillars

Scholarship is a commitment to learning and growing on an educational path. It means making the most of the educational opportunities provided and seeking out learning, not only in school or similar settings, but also personally. Everyday Scholarship doesn’t require a minimum GPA—but it does require effort. More importantly, it stems from a desire to contribute to this world in a positive way by building on one’s own knowledge, skills, and talent through different experiences.

Service is seeking out and engaging in meaningful service. It calls for a service mindset, the desire to seek opportunities to help others as well as acts of service. As Honor Society students, many young teens and young adults at local chapters are required to meet minimum service participation requirements.
Although hours are important, Everyday Service is seeing a need and fulfilling it voluntarily. Sometimes it’s driven by a passion for a specific cause or people in need. Other times, it’s driven by personal or family need, like taking care of siblings or other family members, or maybe even working part-time to help with family finances.

Leadership builds on Everyday Service. Service and leadership oftentimes look very similar. Everyday Leadership is carrying oneself with dignity and taking ownership and responsibility for one’s own actions and participation. Being a public speaker, playing quarterback, or having an official title is not required for Everyday Leadership. Everyday Leadership means being an agent—someone who takes action and responsibility—of your own pathway.

Character is valuing diverse cultures and building relationships that reflect love of self but also concern for others. There are endless attributes to good character: perseverance, respect, integrity, honesty, sacrifice—the list goes on. Good and noble character is a high calling. Oftentimes we don’t “see” character unless there is a public display of self-sacrifice, or more often, a very public mistake. Everyday Character is not about praiseworthy or blameworthy behavior but the personal commitment to ethical and compassionate decision making that affects oneself and others.