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CIJE Showcases Projects on Virtual Stage

Thirty-two Scheck Hillel High School students participated in CIJE Innovation Day 2.0, an annual STEM competition for Jewish day schools nationwide. Their submissions covered a range of solutions and innovative products - all designed, coded and engineered at home with the support of Design/STEM faculty Erica Farago (alumna), Sabrina Ferster ‘00 and Scott Savet. Kudos to the project teams for their perseverance during the transition to online learning.

Participating Students and Project Links

Teacher: Scott Savett
Empty Cart Detector
Joseph Abramowitz, Samuel Attias, Michael Stiberman

The Weather Band
Zoe Alon, Maya Lev-Tov

Wound Blocker
Maya Arnold, Joelle Kirsch, Pola Levy

Joshua Bentata, Dov Kerbel

Grade 9
Teacher: Sabrina Ferster

Atrial Fibrillation Monitor
Jamie Kurzer, Jonathan Lev-Tov

Earth Aid
Moises Jamri, Abraham Klainbaum

Fever Check
Noah Levine, Jaime Mizrachi

Bye Bye Bacteria
Mia Ackerman, Alexandra Peicher

Auto Mow
Jonathon Shetrit, Ilan Brejt

Grade 10
Teacher: Erica Farago

Elie Fishman, Sammy Merenfeld, Alan Wainer 

No "Weight" Scale 
Shirel Henn, Gaby Shiro, Sadie Slomovitz  

Light Table
Malvina DiMitri, Gila Shechter 

Emergency Vehicle Warning Sign
Alex Benarroch, Zachary Lemmer

Safe Drive
Tali Fiske, Amit Miara