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Choosing Scheck Hillel

When you choose Scheck Hillel Community School, you are securing your children’s academic journey through high school graduation and lifelong Jewish identity and nurturing community. Continuous Enrollment is an extension of our shared commitment to your children’s future. Some questions and answers follow to offer an overview.
Continuous Enrollment Dates for the 2024-2025 School Year

January 11 Continuous Enrollment Deposit, Financial Aid Application and Opt-Out Deadline for Current Families
Mid-February First Round of Admissions Acceptances Announced
April 8 Financial Aid Award Notifications Begin

Did You Know?
  • For all grade levels, Scheck Hillel’s tuition includes everything you need for your children’s success: books, daily hot kosher lunch and 24/7 security.
  • PKT-Grade 5 school supplies are included in tuition. No more school supply shopping for you!
  • A $500 Student Tuition Reduction is available upon enrolling your third child and each thereafter.
  • Tuition is comprehensive without fees for services like re-enrollment, technology and facilities.
We are looking forward to incredible opportunities in store for your children and family! If you have questions, please reach out to Sandra Levy '94, Director of Admissions, at 305.931.2831 x129 / levysandra@eHillel.org.
2024-2025 Tuition
Grade Tuition
Pre-Kindergarten Toddler-2, Half-Day* $15,200
Pre-Kindergarten Toddler-3, Full-Day
Pre-Kindergarten 4 $19,900
Kindergarten-Grade 1 $25,600
Grades 2-4  
Grade 5 $30,500
Grades 6-8 $32,900
Grade 9-12** $33,900
In-Class Support   $42,100
Academic Services
ESOL  $4,500
Learning Center   $4,500

*Half-day is exclusively for PKT-PK2. We will always do our best to accommodate a mid-year change to full-day but cannot guarantee upon enrollment.
**Grade 12 will have an additional Graduation Fee of $650 per student.
A late fee ($40) will be assessed for any payments overdue by 15 days or more.
Matriculation Fee - $1,100 (One-time non-refundable charge due upon entrance for any new Kindergarten-Grade 12 student)
An administrative fee of up to $45 per family/year is charged by our tuition processor.

Questions and Answers

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  • What is continuous enrollment?

    Continuous Enrollment is a re-enrollment process that eliminates annual contracts. When you enroll your child in Scheck Hillel Community School, you enroll through High School graduation, unless you notify the school of a change in accordance with the terms of the continuous enrollment agreement.
  • How do I financially commit to each new school year?

    Every December, tuition is published to the school website; it is based on annual school needs and budget analysis. At this time of year, you have the opportunity to review tuition rates, make your non-refundable deposit(s), update your tuition fulfillment plan, apply for financial aid and update your contact information as necessary. Every year, you will fulfill your annual non-refundable deposit toward your tuition to secure your child’s space for the upcoming school year. This is not an additional fee. A deposit results in meaningful parent commitment, which guides class placement, financial aid allocations and new acceptances. 
  • When do I pay tuition?

    Before June 1 of every year, your annual statement will be available to review on your Blackbaud Tuition Management dashboard, noting your already fulfilled non-refundable deposit. Scheck Hillel offers three payment plans for parents and a special payment plan for employees: 
    1 Payment: June (1.5% discount is applied if paid in full by 6/30/24)
    2 Payments: June and November 
    10 Payments: June - March 
    Employee Payroll Deductions: September-June

    When you select your payment plan option, it is automatically noted in your Blackbaud Tuition Management account for your convenience.

    Please note that if you elect to pay via credit card, the tuition processor will charge a credit card processing fee.
  • How do I make my continuous enrollment deposit each year?

    1. Log into eHillel.org.
    2. Click the yellow notification banner at the top of your screen (1 per student), it will take you to the continuous enrollment deposit for the upcoming School Year. You previously signed your continuous enrollment contract. Therefore, you will not be signing another contract; instead, you will make your deposit to secure your spot for the upcoming school year.
    3. Review your tuition commitment and obligation.
    4. Make a non-refundable deposit for each student by the indicated deadline.
  • Do I submit a new financial aid application every school year?

    Yes. Financial aid continues to be an annual process through which families submit new applications every year. The online application is accessible through the school’s website. Upon application submission, financial aid applicants are presented new offers of financial aid before every school year. If a family declines the offered financial aid package, their space will be forfeited.
  • I am planning to keep my children at Scheck Hillel through High School graduation, but what if our plans change?

    When you enrolled in Scheck Hillel, you enrolled through High School graduation. If your situation changes and your child will not attend Scheck Hillel next year, we will be sad to see you go. Please notify our Admissions Office that you wish to opt-out of continuous enrollment by sending an email to admissions@eHillel.org and completing all necessary steps thereafter as instructed by the Admissions Office by the indicated deadline.
  • What if I opt out and then want to enroll?

    Families who opt out by the deadline indicated and later decide to enroll must contact the Admissions Office. There will be no guarantee of space for the student after the deadline.
  • What if I don’t opt out by the school’s opt-out deadline?

    If you do not opt out by the school’s opt-out deadline and thereafter want to withdraw, the following termination provisions apply. If you opt out between January 11-February 28, your deposit will remain nonrefundable. If you opt out between March 1-April 30, 25% of your total tuition and fees will be due. If you opt out between May 1 and the first day of school, 50% of your total tuition and fees will be due. If you opt out on or after the first day of school, 100% of your total tuition and fees will be due. 
  • What if I receive State Funding (Step Up)?

    Please note that Step Up is funded to the school in quarterly payments, starting with September for the first payment. The school will apply Step Up funds to your account only as the school receives those funds from the state, unless you have also been awarded financial aid by Scheck Hillel. Once the portion of the scholarship received is applied to your Blackbaud Tuition Management account, the remaining payments on your account will be credited starting the following month. 

    It is important to understand that many of your payments will need to be made for the full tuition due before any amount of Step Up award is applied to your account.

    In addition, please be advised that the state does not guarantee the continuation of the Step Up State Scholarships program in its current format for the 2024-2025 school year.

    For the above reasons, when you make your enrollment decisions, please plan to make your full tuition payments (in accordance with the payment plan you selected) without regard to your Step Up award.
  • If I have questions, who should I contact?

    Questions about enrollment: Sandra Levy ‘94, Director of Admissions
    Questions about financial aid: Meital Aharon, Financial Aid Manager
    Questions about payment plans: Finance Office
    Questions about website login or related technology: support@eHillel.org