Scheck Hillel Students Pitch Marketing Strategies

Seniors had the opportunity to incubate innovation in Scheck Hillel's Capstone Marketing course, selecting known brands and taking them to the next level of awareness and purchase. On the basis of slick creative briefs, students pitched their "clients" (a peer and faculty audience) on the strengths and weaknesses of current positioning. By immersing themselves in the lives of their brands, our seniors did an incredible job developing insights and proposing novel tactics to reach their targets. Questions from the audience created more "aha moments" as presenters got to hone communication, collaboration and entrepreneurial skills. 
Amitay Ben naimMoises Bensadon and Tal Gottesman, the team behind Zungle - a sunglass-earphone hybrid that uses bone conduction to transmit sound - came up with a tactic to bring about customer interaction with the product - "Crazy or Zungle?" - and collected "votes" around the brand. Opher Yunger, Capstone Senior Seminar teacher, praised the work of the eight teams that have presented so far. "These students are natural creators. They have their fingers on the pulse of what's going on around the world. They can remix that knowledge and harness it for any job or business."
As our Grade 12 students continue to pursue mandatory requirements toward a Scheck Hillel diploma, they rotate through courses in Capstone Senior Seminar, one of Scheck Hillel's hallmark programs preparing students for college and career.