Awards from Harvard, Princeton, Cornell & More for Scheck Hillel Seniors

August 30 was a day full of Lion Pride at Scheck Hillel Community School! Select Class of 2019 students received prestigious College Book Awards in recognition of academic excellence and character traits valued by the sponsoring institutions. As their families and peers applauded, these 16 students proudly accepted the awards from Scheck Hillel faculty and staff. The group represents a diverse array of talents, interests, backgrounds and accomplishments. 
The College Book Awards program is sponsored by the alumni chapters of the participating colleges. High schools are invited to participate by nominating members of the rising senior class who have demonstrated the attributes of the award. Scheck Hillel has carried on this tradition for more than a decade. This year's list of recipients follows. Mazal tov to our 2018 College Book Award recipients and their families!
College or University
Barnard College
Esther Benasayag
Brown University
Jonathan Abbo
Cornell University
Emily Rodman
Dartmouth College
Alexa Cohen
George Washington University
Sarah Benoliel
Harvard University
Matias Lancewicki
Northwestern University
Rochelle Milhem
Princeton University
Raquel Dimitri
Smith College
Gabriela Bentolila
St. Lawrence University
Emily Kriger
Swarthmore College
Joseph Bensabat
University of Virginia
Ariel Hacham
Wellesley College
Amanda Scheck
Wesleyan University
Jayme Podgorowiez
Yeshiva University
Shelly Albergel and Jorge Batievsky