2018 Annual Meeting

Rising senior Esther Benasayag opened Scheck Hillel Community School’s 2018 Annual Meeting with a beautiful Dvar Torah: "Every Jew, no matter who they are or what they look like is a part of [the] candelabra, and every Jew must be given the chance to hold that flame high. Here at Scheck Hillel, we have a diverse community...but everyone here is given the beautiful gift of a Torah education. Thank you to all of you who make this possible."

Dr. Ezra Levy reflected on the academic year, "Together, with our lay leaders, we have the very important task of fostering and nurturing the best learning environments to empower our students as our rising generation of innovators, dreamers and leaders...truly defining who they want to be as global citizens with strong Jewish identity and values." Following Dr. Levy, Vanessa Donaher shared highlights in store for 2018-2019 and the years ahead. 

Guests included parents, faculty, founders, Board members and members of our greater community. Of special note in attendance were past Chairs Raquel and Michael ScheckGil Bonwitt and Carlos Berner.
With gratitude, Scheck Hillel recognized outgoing Chair Marty Scheck, for his dedication to building Jewish future.
“Keeping our eye on the needs of the next rising generation, the future is the mark of a true leader," reflected Gil Bonwitt, 2008-2010 Chair of the Board. "As his parents before him, who built this wonderful school from a dream, Marty embodies the spirit of these words and constantly works to ensure that the future of our children, our school and our North Dade Jewish community remains bright.”

Marty Scheck reminded those in attendance of the importance of appreciating our own. "I cannot go on without recognizing and thanking all of our incredible teachers: the lifeblood of the school. They are the ones...truly helping to shape the future of our Jewish community with the daily positive impact that they have on our students!"
Outgoing Board members were recognized and applauded for their service and leadership: Mijael Attias, David Bassan, JoAnn Froimzon, Eliane Kravetz, Jennifer Naim and Jackeline Nichols.
Committee on Governance Chair Maxim Weitzman encouraged parent involvement. "As we are always looking for new leadership, we encourage you all to become involved in our many Board committees, the newly formed Advisory Committee, and HIP/PTA. Our school can definitely benefit from your skill set and talents, so please feel free to share your interests and availability with any Board members, Committee Chairs or administrators tonight or throughout the year."  He also thanked fellow Committee members for their dedication and work. They included Immediate Past Board Chair Carlos BernerSalomon EsquenaziMax FischbachTal Harari ('07), Jill Kurzer and Dana Yemin-Schrager ('92).
Upon a unanimous vote, the 2018-2019 Board of Governors were installed, as noted below. Upon installation, Uri Benhamron inspired the guests with his Incoming Chair remarks. "I look forward to working in partnership with all of our Board members, faculty and parents as we continue this soul-searching journey of Avodat HaKadosh: sacred work and labor of love to ensure the continuity and spiritual survival of Am Yisrael." 
Uri Benhamron, Chair
Ronit Shiro, Vice Chair
Silvia Assor, Treasurer
Isaac Marcushamer, Secretary
Michelle Amselem*
Carlos Berner
Lia Brod
Anita Givner
Max Fischbach
Marty Scheck*
Marcos Singer*
Maxim Weitzman
*Alumnus/a of Scheck Hillel Community School