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Our Alumni

Claritt Zighelboim-Mishaan, ‘06

Where do you live?
Bogota, Colombia

What is your current profession and where do you work?
Fashion Designer, Moda Zeta LLC

How did you come to work in this field?
After moving to Bogota, I started Moda Zeta, a fashion company for women’s ready-to-wear clothing.

What educational path did you follow?  
I originally intended to be a lawyer but after attending FIU for 3 years, I went to Florence for a semester abroad. I studied fine arts and Italian, and the experience taught me I was more creative than I once thought, and it opened my mind to pursue a career in the arts. Upon returning to Miami, I went to an open house at The Art Institute in Downtown Miami and I fell in love. Fast forward two years, I graduated cum laude with a Bachelor’s degree in Fashion Design…and the rest is history. 

What is most rewarding about the work you do?
Seeing women enjoy and feel amazing in the clothes I design. 

What are the challenges?
Running a business... 

What is one essential academic or life skill you honed at Scheck Hillel?
Leadership because you have to constantly motivate people to push through the challenges (being a 24/7 cheerleader at my own startup proves to be important). Respect for others on my team and in my company, regardless of their roles, is also a major lesson learned at Scheck Hillel. 

What is your advice for future Hillel students who might consider a career in your field?
Learn as much as you can by working for others, no opportunity is too small, and there is always something to be learned. Start-ups are really hard but so rewarding long term.

What is the last book you read/podcast you heard that taught you something you didn’t know before?
I’m currently ready “Shantaram,” it’s not related to my business at all, but I’ve learned about the Hindu culture and way of life.