Student-Artists Shine: Color and Creativity Reign Supreme

Written by Stuart Rosenthal, Jordan Alexander Ressler Arts Program Chair

Scheck Hillel’s Friedman-Uhlar Auditorium was transformed into an expansive and inviting art gallery as the visual arts division of our Jordan Alexander Arts Program presented its annual Art Exhibition. Students from Kindergarten through Grade 12 were represented in a show that featured both two- and three-dimensional works ranging from the simple to the very sophisticated.

Pieces by Edith Shlesinger’s Advanced Placement art students greeted visitors to the exhibition, with additional “galleries” showcasing young artists taught by Hadassah Freiberg, Ellen Sorin, Rose Benattia, and Sandra Resler. A series of colorful, oversized “paint buckets,” hung above the floor, seeming to pour out a voluptuous stream of silky fabric “paint,” helped transform the familiar space into a world where color and creativity reigned supreme.

Guests universally praised the show, expressing awe of our talented student artists, and gratitude to the art faculty for their role in nurturing and developing each individual artist. Though the Art Exhibition happens just once a year, student art works can be seen in a variety of locations throughout campus, ranging from administrative offices, to classrooms, and special display areas, including the lobby of the Diener Athletic Center.