Bravo! Bravissimo! Kol Hakavod!

Scheck Hillel’s student orchestra of the Jordan Alexander Ressler Arts Program presented its spring concert Tuesday, May 8. The program began with a brief performance by the Grade 1-2 after-school strings class. Next, Preludio shared pieces by Beethoven and Offenbach, concluding with a rendition of “We Will Rock You” that had the audience stomping along. The largest group of the evening, Intermezzo, boasted students from Grades 6 through 12, and filled the three level playing area to capacity. Intermezzo cast a spell with the moody and atmospheric “Rite at Stonehenge,” before letting loose with the more up-tempo selection, “Rock On.”
At this point, the musical program paused while participation pins and awards were bestowed on orchestra members. First, a number of students were recognized for longevity in the orchestra, including those active in the group since its founding in 2013. Mr. Rosenthal, Jordan Alexander Ressler Arts Program Chair, then presented engraved plaques recognizing students in the outstanding performance, best attitude and effort, most improved, inspired leadership, and best musicianship categories. Winners included Sophia Ades, Jack Aghion, Salomon Bendayan, Alan Bentolila, Ariella Bitton, Shalom Meisels, and Jasmine Pyle (Middle School), as well as Avi Alalu, Gabriela Bentolila, Benjamin Cohen, Jake Gelb, David Lechter, and Mauricio Woldenberg (High School). Mr. Rosenthal also thanked orchestra faculty members Angelica Losada, Dionne Lockett, and Deya Deynova, the orchestra parents (especially Anita Givner and Flavia Romay), and Hillel’s operations team for its help with the concert.
The evening concluded with “Vortex” and One Republic’s “Secrets,” performed by Camerata under Ms. Losada’s direction.