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Designers, Researchers, Presenters

More than 80 projects were on display Wednesday, May 2, in the Grade 10 Project Expo: annual showcase of products, services and solutions resulting from independent study.  Students were given the opportunity to select a topic of interest and explore it deeply in the course of the school year, designing objectives, developing timelines, conducting research and presenting and evaluating their creations.

Students demonstrated a wide range of interests, skills and insights, from writing and illustrating books to teaching coding to under-served children. Technology was at the core of many projects, but so were "low-tech" solutions - ideas requiring little more than the novel and creative use of fabric, recyclables, or rubber to solve problems.  True to Scheck Hillel core values, many students focused their projects on areas of need for the less fortunate. Mazal tov to the enterprising and committed Grade 10 students and their advisor, Experiential Learning Coordinator Cristina Florez, for sharing the fruits of their work.
Some examples of projects:
  • Elliot Shiro taught coding to children in the downtown Miami-Dade Public Library, helping to fill a gap in technology access among underserved students.  
  • Andrea Benhamron provided support to scoliosis patients in a local hospital. As a former patient herself, she was able to share her positive outcomes and optimism with others in her situation.  
  • Mauricio Woldenberg wrote and illustrated a book of short stories to uplift readers’ spirits and contribute to their self-esteem.
  • Benjamin Cohen expanded his technical skills by learning lighting design for musical theatre.
  • Daniela Abbo wrote and designed a recipe book for individuals with celiac disease, an autoimmune disorder.