Global Solutions

For the second year in a row, Scheck Hillel Community School's Grade 8 Design/STEM students participated in the CADENA International Organization’s Call for Proposals Competition. CADENA International provides emergency response support to communities following a natural disaster, focusing on long-term support for primarily underprivileged areas.

Scheck Hillel students were challenged with conceiving and proposing innovative ideas aiming to streamline and revolutionize disaster preparedness and response.

The following three teams were selected from 50 by a group of judges to advance to the final phase of the competition: the March 14 presentation at Beth Torah Benny Rok Campus. They presented to a very prestigious panel of judges and were faced with challenging questions about their projects. We are so very proud of our team “The Quakesaver” who proudly took home 2nd place in this South Florida competition.

TEAM 1: QuakeSaver (Alex Benarroch, Leo Serfaty, Eduardo Halfen)
The QuakeSaver is a multifunctional bracelet meant to inform, find, and save people from earthquakes. 

TEAM 2: Door Diaper (Gabriela Nicolaievsky, Ariel Ohev-Zion, Guila Schecter, Hannah Stern)
The Door Diaper is a lightweight, inexpensive, eco-friendly sandbag. This product absorbs all water that comes in contact with it and keeps the water out of your house.

TEAM 3: Retire the Expired (Daniela Goihman, Carla Lewinsky, Gaby Shiro, Basi Woldenberg)
Retire the Expired turns compost into energy that will come in gas form and will be used to supply energy to gas-powered objects.