Seniors Prepare for the Future

When it comes to preparing for life in college, academics are one component of readiness. This week, Scheck Hillel seniors set aside their textbooks to tackle other key dimensions of their upcoming college experience: human relationships, diversity, identity, self-care and positive decision-making. Capstone Seminar's annual College Readiness Week provides a forum that challenges understandings, builds awareness and generates deep discussions about the world within and beyond Scheck Hillel.

In the past four days, students learned from experts in various fields and from their own Scheck Hillel faculty. Preserving Jewish identity and practice on campus included visits with representatives from University of Miami Hillel, AEPi International and Rudy Rochman, a Columbia University student and Israel advocate who attended Scheck Hillel when he was younger. Scheck Hillel alumna Allison Schwartzbaum, '04, presented about diversity; she speaks about race, gender and the LGBTQ community. Four police officers from Miami-Dade County shared real-life encounters with and the fatal consequences of poor decision making around DUI and distracted driving. Rabbi Shlomo Sprung, Capstone teacher and Director of Jewish Life and Community Learning, used storytelling to explain the dating paradigm from a Jewish perspective. The week closed with a presentation from Mothers Against Drunk Driving (MADD) and with student reflections. 

Capstone College Readiness Week at Scheck Hillel is the culmination of Capstone Senior Seminar, the Grade 12 seminar-style program in English-Language Arts and Judaic Studies where seniors meet daily with Capstone faculty to tackle “essential questions,” critical topics that transcend subjects and academic levels. Director of Student Life Yishai Cohen organized the speaker visits and facilitated sessions. Senior Capstone faculty include Andrew Butler, Rabbi Rodney Feinerman, Rabbi Elie Ganz, Rabbi Uri Pilichowski, Rabbi Shlomo Sprung, Joan Smith and Opher Yunger.