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Rebbetzin Carlebach: Capstone Guest Speaker

This past week at Scheck Hillel, the senior girls of Scheck Hillel’s Capstone Seminar were privileged to welcome acclaimed public speaker Rebbetzin Chana Carlebach, Director of Quebec’s Bais Moshe Chaim Teacher's Seminary. She spoke with the students about the Jewish approach to love and intimacy. In the two-part session, the students engaged in a meaningful and passionate conversation about this fascinating topic they don't always get to discuss in a school setting.

"I think it was very beneficial to have the opportunity to bring up this topic and feel comfortable asking these kinds of questions", said a student. "I loved it", said another,  "I thought it was a good experience and important for us to learn as Jewish women and the next generation of Jewish leaders."

Overall, this informative and thought-provoking workshop was enlightening for the students.In the words of another Senior: "It was very educational and it really meant a lot to me to learn about the foundations of Judaism when it comes to marriage and intimacy."  

Rebbetzin Carlebach is the most recent featured speaker within a roster of esteemed guests. Throughout Scheck Hillel’s school year, guest speakers and lecturers extend learning beyond the traditional classroom for all grade levels with personal stories, expertise and wisdom.