College Application Season Revs Up With Boot Camp

Our Class of 2018 gathered for Scheck Hillel's intensive College Application Boot Camp, officially kicking off the season for nearly 70 seniors. The high school’s college Counseling Co-Directors Alexandra Gonzalez Cecilia Grano de Oro provided coaching on the intricacies of applications, including deadlines, essays, resumes and transcripts. Rabbi Avi Greene, Ed.D., Director of Israel Guidance, shared details about Israel Gap Programs. 

Associate Head of School Vanessa Donaher advised students to remain focused and to take advantage of the expertise of the school’s college counselors. With eight weeks to go until the first deadline, students know they’ll need to manage their time wisely and pay attention to details. The thoughtful, personal attention given to students during College Application Boot Camp is an ultimate representation of Scheck Hillel's high school, led by Amy Gallup as Director. B’hatzlachah to all!
Scheck Hillel’s College Counseling Office provides a comprehensive and individualized college counseling process for students and families, beginning in Grade 8 and progressing through Grade 12. Extending from Scheck Hillel’s educational philosophy to maximize opportunity for each individual student, the mission of college counseling program is to help students find the university, college or program that best matches their own needs, interests and abilities. 
Israel Gap Year guidance is included in this. Universities throughout the country encourage the gap year experience, as it leads toward more well-balanced, well-rounded college students. Further, the maturation process during a gap year typically leads to greater success when students ultimately transition to college. Spending a year in Israel immediately after high school graduation strengthens young alumni’s connection to the State of Israel and helps solidify their pride and identity as Jews and Zionists. 
Understanding that students and families approach the college application process with varying needs and styles, counselors use a student-centered philosophy in this crucial transition. College counselors provide up-to-date information regarding the college admissions process and encourage open communication through an open-door policy.