Welcoming College Counseling Co-Directors!

College preparation is at the core of our Scheck Hillel Community School mission and educational philosophy, inspiring students to ask, "Who do I want to be?" rather than, "What do I want to do?" This personalized approach to education calls for college counselors who have industry expertise as well as a nurturing heart. As such, with much enthusiasm we are thrilled to welcome two outstanding leaders in this field: Cecilia Grano De Oro and Alexandra Gonzalez as Scheck Hillel's Co-Directors of College Counseling.


Ms. Grano De Oro joins us from The Sagemont School in Weston, where she worked as a College Counselor. Prior to that, she was the University of Miami's Assistant Director of Graduate Student Programs. Fitting with Scheck Hillel's core values, she views college counseling from a holistic perspective and stresses the importance of finding the right match. This involves learning about what students are looking for on a level that goes beyond academics to lead to the best opportunities for personal growth and reflection as they enter young adulthood. She enjoys being an active member of national organizations as a way to guide students through the options within higher education. Ms. Grano De Oro earned her bachelor's degree from the University of Miami, as well as her master's in mental health counseling and master's in higher education administration. She is pursuing her doctoral degree in higher education leadership at Nova Southeastern University.
Mrs. Gonzalez brings to Scheck Hillel her experience as a Tulane University Admission Counselor and her understanding of the high school setting, in which she has served as a College Counseling Director and an independent counselor. Her multifaceted experience gives her valued insight into the institutional needs of universities; she enjoys translating those needs to help families navigate the path to college. Like Scheck Hillel, she recognizes the importance of empathetic, educated guides in the search for a best-fit school. She makes it her goal to simplify, demystify and inject a healthy dose of fun into the application process. Mrs. Gonzalez earned her bachelor's degree at Tulane University, and she is pursuing her certificate in college counseling from the University of California, Los Angeles.
While further strengthening Scheck Hillel's relationships with universities across the country, Ms. Grano De Oro and Mrs. Gonzalez will partner with Rabbi Avi Greene, Ed.D, as our Director of Israel Guidance, continuing our tradition of encouraging a gap year to enrich alumni's connection to Israel and their pride and identity as Jews and Zionists.
Our High School students will meet with Ms. Grano De Oro, Mrs. Gonzalez and Rabbi Greene at Orientation on August 21, followed by individual sessions, family workshops and – exclusively for our seniors – college application boot camp.
College counseling at Scheck Hillel begins in Grade 8 and spirals with intensity through our senior Capstone year, tailoring the experience to the individual student every step of the way...from college preparation through admission and selection. It's simply one more element of the Scheck Hillel experience, empowering our students to become reflective global citizens with enduring Jewish identity and values.