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Standing Together as Family

This week, our high school students welcomed seven Israeli peers from Ofakim, a town in southern Israel that suffered deeply on October 7. Despite their trauma, the Ofakim Girls’ Choir brought messages of love and song, displaying maturity beyond their years as our Lions embraced them as family.  

The students and their chaperones, including the town’s first lady Aliza Danino, stopped in Miami on their way to New York, where they will perform at Carnegie Hall.  

Upper School Judaic Studies teacher Dr. Hana Barouk led a program that included a get-acquainted game, one-to-one conversations, Tefilah, an AP Psychology class, and time to chill together. After a few hours on our campus, it was hard to distinguish our Israeli guests from our students, demonstrating that we are Lev Echad, Am Echad (One Heart, One People). We were thrilled to host them and expressed our gratitude for their strength and sacrifices. 

Since October 7, Scheck Hillel has hosted several gatherings with survivors. Our Lions have practiced empathy and gratitude and, in turn, have given unconditional support and hope to their Israeli brothers and sisters.