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Scheck Hillel Junior Focuses on Israel

Benjamin H. '25 is a third-generation mensch. Since he was nine, he has supported Magen David Adom (MDA), Israel's national emergency medical organization, as a speaker and fundraiser. At Scheck Hillel, he started a club and focused his Tenth Grade Thesis on awareness and advocacy. Today, amidst Israel's war with Hamas, the work has acquired even greater meaning.
Benjamin's drive to support Israel is multi-generational. The spirit of tikkun olam was passed on from his grandmother, who first supported Magen David Adom, to his parents and then to him. He partnered with Scheck Hillel to further deepen his own commitment: "Scheck Hillel has given me the platform to pursue my passion project through the 10th Grade Thesis, and to form a club and run it." He credits these opportunities with teaching him leadership and advocacy skills.
Benjamin speaks on behalf of MDA regularly and is in touch with local leadership. After exploring different ways to generate donations, Benjamin decided to design and manufacture MDA puzzles. With the help of classmates and family, he sold those puzzles to raise funds.

Through the club, he aims to raise awareness of how critical MDA is. After traveling to Israel and touring the new, state-of-the-art National Blood Centers, he was amazed and inspired: "It’s a community of people trying to help out their homeland and fellow citizens."

One of Benjamin's goals for the club's future at Hillel is to offer it as an after-school option. He believes students have to educate themselves and do their research carefully before choosing a cause. He is fervent about his commitment to Israel, and is considering college options very carefully in light of the increase in campus antisemitism.
"Being Jewish and showing my pride in being Jewish is ingrained in me. I can't imagine going to a school where I have to hide my identity."