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Our Alumni

Jessica (Azout) Jamri ‘95, Independent Educational Consultant

Jessica applies a holistic approach to helping her college counseling clients discover new passions and interests and realize their potential.  

What warms your heart when you think of your student days at Scheck Hillel?
When I think of Hillel, I remember the Jewish values I developed and the sense of community I felt as a student. As students, we knew we were part of a close-knit community where we all felt a sense of belonging.

Share a funny story from your time at Scheck Hillel.  
I have many funny stories from my time at Hillel. Although I took my classes seriously and my academic success was a priority, there were always opportunities to enjoy fun outside of class. On one occasion, I remember a science experiment we conducted outside the Hillel parking lot with our science teacher. We tested the effectiveness of pulleys and faced that only some things came out as we had initially planned.

Was there a teacher who had a positive impact and made you feel like you could do it all?
I had many teachers who had a positive effect on me, but I will never forget my kindergarten teacher, Mrs. Singer. She was so passionate about being a teacher, and I particularly remember how special she made all her students feel.

Do you feel your days as a Scheck Hillel student had an impact on your adult life and your choices? How so? 
Yes. When I moved from Colombia in 2019, it was important that my three children feel the same sense of community I felt as a student and deepen their knowledge about Judaism and Israel. Additionally, because they were coming from an American school in Colombia, it was essential for us as parents to help them to continue building their Jewish values and identity.

What educational path did you follow?  
I received a Bachelor's in Psychology and Art History from Tufts University in 1999, and one year later, I received a Master's in Social-Organizational Psychology from Teachers College, Columbia University. In 2014, I also earned a certificate in Independent Educational Consulting from UC Irvine.

What is your current profession, and where do you work? How did you come to work in this field?
I am an Independent Educational Consultant or College Counselor. I have an office in Aventura, FL, but most students I meet with are virtual. I started my practice in 2014 while I was living in Colombia. I began as a college counselor because my college years were integral to who I am. Therefore, I wanted to transmit the importance of education to students and families. Currently, I focus on guiding and supporting students and families throughout the college application process and alleviating the stress associated with college applications. My approach is holistic in the sense that I work on getting to know my students while helping them identify right-fit colleges where they will thrive academically, socially and emotionally.

What is most rewarding about the work you do? What are you passionate about?
Beyond helping students throughout the college application process, I enjoy helping them discover parts of themselves they might not have discovered on their own, identify new passions and realize their potential. I strongly believe in empowering my students to be the best version of themselves now and in the future.

Looking back, what advice would you give your 18-year-old self?  
I would tell her to believe in herself, accept herself exactly how she is and not to take herself so seriously.