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Juniors Honored with Prestigious College Book Awards

Every year, alumni groups from some of the nation's most prestigious colleges and alumni groups recognize outstanding students with Book Awards. These students exemplify the qualities that are held in high esteem by the participating schools. Congratulations to the members of the Class of 2024 who received awards on Tuesday as proud families looked on:

Barnard College: Jessica Waxenghiser
Brandeis University: Sarah Eskandry
Brown University: Rachel Tulman
Bryn Mawr College: Noah Fishman
Dartmouth College: Ariane Cotter
Harvard University: Tali Lancewicki
Johns Hopkins University: Ariella Bitton
Northwestern University: Gabriel Toledo
Princeton University Service Award: Lara Bzurovski
Rensselaer Polytechnic Institute Medal: Lielle Daniel
St. Lawrence University: Jeremy Schonfeld
Tulane University: Le-am Hamami
University of Pennsylvania: Naomi Fischbach
University of Virginia: Aharon Heinrich
Wesleyan University: Sofia Braun
Yale University: Eva Gelb
Yeshiva University: Shalom Lev Meisels, Gabrielle Levy