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Scheck Hillel Service Awards 2023

Students are the heart of our community, and faculty and staff are our neshama. It's an honor to celebrate those who have enriched Scheck Hillel with their wisdom and love for decades. This week's 2023 Service Award Ceremony highlighted 32 professionals who have served our school for five years or more. Families and generations of students and alumni around the world join in celebrating:

40 Years: Tova Yemin & Yossi Yativ

35 Years: Gerry Cirulnick, Rabbi Heshy Riesel & Ann Sweet

30 Years: Roberta Meisels

25 Years: Audrey Lederman

15 Years: Angela Williams, Ph.D.

10 Years: Lauren Berley '98, Hilary Brownstein, Hani Cohen-Dinetz, Rabbi Elie Ganz, Natalie Gurland, Elisheva Krevsky, Mazal Kuba Oberlender, Sandra Levy '94, Julie Miller, Alyse Moryoussef '09

5 Years: Luis Comulada, Jael Fefer, Chris Gammill, Rabbi Elias Hochner, Chris Johnson, Dror Karavani, Juan Lezama, Shoshana Mitrani '04, Jenny Moreinis, Sharyn Orlan, Dana Parker, Dganit Penias, Philip Schwartzman, Ryan Williams

Chazak, Chazak, V'nitchazek – From Strength to Strength May We Be Strengthened!