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Scheck Hillel Competes at Yeshiva University Model UN Conference

Kol hakavod to Camila Gruszka '26, Marcos Fishman '26, Noah Fishman '24, Alex Lichtenfeld '24, Eli Slomovitz '24 and Nicole Wolak '24 for participating in the Yeshiva University Model United Nations (YUNMUN) XXXIII competition! This gathering of high school delegates is an opportunity to meet peers from around the country and expand  knowledge of the world. Read a reflection from delegate Alex Lichtenfeld below.

By: Alex Lichtenfeld '24
The YUNMUN Conference was a very meaningful experience for everyone involved. During this conference, we engaged with people from all around the country, and worked with them to solve pressing global issues. I was part of the CTC (Counter Terrorism Committee) where we had to find solutions to stop the financing of terrorism and the use of drones as a threat to global security. There was also a fake emergency committee session in which we had to find who was responsible for the abduction of one of the YUNMUN staff members. 
Throughout all the committee sessions, we learned how to work jointly with other delegates, negotiate and find common ground with people with other perspectives. But we also learned how the diplomatic world works, how each delegation has its own interests. 
Despite not winning a prize, the process we went through is very rewarding. During the weeks previous to the conference, we had been meeting with our delegation and Rabbi Elie Ganz, our Judaic Studies teacher, who helped us find information about Brazil, the country we represented, and prepare position papers we would later use in our committee sessions to discuss Brazil’s perspective on specific global issues.