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Scheck Hillel Juniors Earn National Recognition

Congratulations to Lielle DanielNaomi Fischbach and Jessica Waxenghiser (all Class of '24) on winning the Flash Fiction Writing Challenge sponsored by the National English Honor Society (NEHS). With more than 300 entries submitted from across the country, these Scheck Hillel Lions were among only 25 to receive recognition. This is a great honor and marker of excellence!
The "six-word stories" had to be complete, use exactly six words and evoke a response from the reader. To prepare, our NEHS chapter members held a writing workshop to review samples of other six-word stories and brainstorm before submitting their own. Faculty advisor Hilary Brownstein noted, "It is clear  that our students are creative, hard working, and talented writers, and it is wonderful to see them gaining national recognition for their achievements." Congratulations to all!
Winning stories:
Lielle Daniel '24
Life’s beauty starts with pure anguish.
Naomi Fischbach '24
All it took was one scan.
Jessica Waxenghiser '24
His words tore through her confidence.