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Rabbi Jonathan Sacks, z"l, Honored on Global Day of Learning

On Monday, we remembered Rabbi Lord Jonathan Sacks, z"l, marking his second yahrzeit and uniting schools all around the world to commemorate and celebrate his life, his Torah and the impact he made.

On this Rabbi Sacks Global Day of Learning in Schools, Scheck Hillel Community School students delved "deeper into the wisdom and beauty of Rabbi Sacks’ ideas” through educational resources designed by The Rabbi Sacks Legacy and surrounding the theme “From Optimism to Hope.” Jewish History classes discussed the impact that he had as a philosopher in modern times and his unique ability to both write poetically and speak with people relatably. Students also watched interviews in which Rabbi Sacks spoke about both his own life, his connection to prayer and his role in creating the Koren Sacks edition of the Siddur.

It was a great honor to welcome Rabbi Sacks to Scheck Hillel as the keynote speaker of Scheck Hillel's 2018 Annual Event, which featured our Hachnasat Sefer Torah, honoring the life and legacy of Yuval Miara, יובל אליהו רפאל מיארה ז"ל. We will always be guided by his words: “To defend a country you need an army. But to defend a civilisation you need schools. You need education as the conversation between the generations.”