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Values Drive the Vote in Grade 3 Class

It’s election day in the U.S., and it looks like our Lions have matters to work out through the democratic process. Polls opened early in Anne Sweet’s Grade 3 class, where a beautiful story of values and chessed unfolded. As students have been getting to know Rabbi Leubitz, they’ve asked him lots of questions. One question, however, still remains unanswered.
Mrs. Sweet shared how her class got to know and admire Rabbi Leubitz, and where they are in the voting process:

“It all started one day when he visited our classroom. The children were asking him all sorts of questions about his life. The most common one was, ‘How old are you?’ Whenever they saw him around campus, they were always asking him his age. So, the Rabbi told them that when the class had reached a goal, the children could guess his age. The goal of the class has been reached. As a visual, a bus runs across a fishing line in classroom as students demonstrate acts of kindness. Once the bus reaches the end it means that Class 3C has worked together and has become TEAM 3C!”

Rabbi Leubitz surprised them with a return visit and, in light of this week's national elections, the students cast their votes to guess his age. Mrs. Sweet set up a ballot box and students cast their votes. When no specific answer earned the majority of votes, the election resulted in a runoff, followed by a tie. Therefore, Rabbi Leubitz will hold on to the answer until the next vote, when a new chessed goal is met.