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Seven Ways to Cultivate a Love of Reading at Home

Children acquire a love of reading in many different ways. Perhaps something they read at school sparked interest, or they found a series they loved and only wanted more! Many paths can be taken to develop an appreciation for reading. Here are some tips that may help you broaden reading opportunities at home. And remember, modeling reading for your family is one of the most effective ways to promote a love of the written word.
  • Keep a variety of print material at home, such as books, magazines, comics/graphic novels, an atlas, puzzle books and more.
  • Research magazine and book subscriptions boxes. The anticipation of something special coming in the mail each month adds motivational value.
  • Learn about your child’s interests and together, search for books, audiobooks or  stories reflecting those interests.
  • Share your favorite reads when you were growing up. If Charlotte’s Web was the spark for you, tell your child about it, and even read it together.
  • Start a book club among your child’s friends...an example may be a special interest book club based on a shared passion.
  • Show your children what you’re reading, why you’re reading it, and what you’ve learned.
  • Promote reading off of screens to invite more sensory experiences and stimulate curiosity.