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Scheck Hillel Community School 2022 Commencement

Scheck Hillel’s Class of 2022 Commencement was a celebration of student achievement, tradition and community for more than 800 friends, family, alumni, faculty and staff members.  

Class of 2022 student speakers emphasized how the combination of Jewish core values and academic opportunity underpinned their Scheck Hillel education and their relationships with peers, faculty and staff:

Valedictorian Gabriela Nicolaievsky (Duke University) described the essence of her class as “...a home…that took the form of 59 individuals, each unique and special in their own way. Individuals who have upheld the pillars of כבוד, חסד, אמת, שלום, רוח, or respect, kindness, truth, peace, and spirit, within the bounds of Hillel and beyond, and who will undoubtedly carry these values in the next steps of their lives.”

Salutatorian Zachary Lemmer (University of Chicago) reflected on the shared experience of a Scheck Hillel education, and the many opportunities afforded to him and his classmates. He urged them to turn their learning into action: “It is up to us to always remember the importance of Judaism and never forget to exhibit it. It is up to us to become the doctors and engineers and CEOs of tomorrow, with an end goal of making the world a better place. I know that we can.”

In addition, Board of Governors Chair Isaac Marcushamer stressed the deep connection between the graduates and the school: “Indeed, being Scheck Hillel alumni means you are now the very living proof of our value proposition: the continuity of the Jewish People. Never has it been more evident than today, that YOUR success is Scheck Hillel’s success.” He thanked past Board Chairs attending the ceremony, with several also celebrating family members: Michael Scheck, Raquel Scheck, Susan Koslovsky, Gil Bonwitt, Jorge Woldenberg, David Wolf, Carlos Berner, Marty Scheck and Uri Benhamron.

High School Director Christopher Johnson highlighted the achievements of the class, and Scheck Hillel’s Interim Head of School Craig Carpentieri urged students to appreciate the value of effort in the formula for achievement and the power of humility as they grow in confidence. In a powerful address, Rabbinic Head Rabbi Shlomo Sprung blessed the graduates through words of Torah. 

Gratitude was felt and expressed by all in attendance. Mazal tov to the graduates and their families!
A full photo album of 2022 Commencement will be included in next week’s Shabbat Shalom Message.