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College Counselors Visit Air Force/Space Force

Students with an interest in career opportunities within the United States Air Force and Space Force can now check in with their college counselors for guidance: Director of College Counseling Jennifer Abreu and College Counselor Megan Tusing learned first-hand all that these branches of the military have to offer.

In late April, our College Counselors were invited to Colorado Springs to visit the United States Air Force, the United States Space Force, and the United States Air Force Academy. First stop was the Schriever and Peterson Space Force Bases, where they learned about the numerous career opportunities, benefits, and options for students interested in the military. Gaining a greater understanding of the differences between Air and Space Forces, as well as the many different pathways such as ROTC, the Air National Guard, and the Air Force Reserve, will help our counselors guide students interested in a military career in the United States. Military service has several opportunities for tuition assistance.

The second stop on the tour was the U.S. Air Force Academy. Nestled in the mountainous Front Range, USAFA sits on 18,500 acres with breathtaking views no matter which direction you turn. Boasting small class sizes and plenty of majors in both the humanities and STEM, all students graduate from the Academy with a Bachelor of Science degree, commission as a Second Lieutenant, and get immediate job entry as they are committed to military service in the Air Force upon graduation. Alongside receiving an exceptional education with guaranteed job placement, education at the United States Air Force Academy is of no cost to the student!

Ms. Abreu and Ms. Tusing are happy to meet with students to discuss the many options available should they want to learn more.