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Seniors Declare College Choices

Members of the Class of 2022 are matriculating to their universities of choice: a roster of outstanding schools reflecting the range of talents and achievements of our students. (highlight a few) As part of the decision-making process, many seniors are weighing significant merit scholarship awards as well. Scheck Hillel’s College Counseling program supports students throughout the search and application process, helping them identify the schools that best fit their individual profiles. 

A new tool to aid in the search is College Kickstart, a program designed to help students gain control and confidence when building their college lists. College Kickstart uses real-time data to help students design a balanced college list. With the constantly changing landscape of college admissions, Kickstart helps students and counselors keep up with data to ensure students are finding schools that are strong academic fits. 
In preparation for 2022-2023, students in Grade 11 are already working with their college counselors to build initial college lists. Counselors add this list to College Kickstart, which generates a full report letting students know if their list is balanced. After reviewing the initial report with students, College Kickstart will be turned over to the students, who will then use the program to help them in building a balanced college list. Scheck Hillel’s College Counseling office has a strong pulse on the college application landscape and is continually innovating to support students in this crucial step.