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Core Values in Action: Lower School Citizenship Awards

Congratulations to Juda and Maria Diener Lower School students Talya B. '32, Gila C. '33, Ella E. '34, Jakob K. '30, Jonathan O. '29, Talya S. '34 and Evan Z. '30, who earned January Citizenship Awards! Students in Kindergarten-Grade 5 are nominated by their teachers for upholding and practicing Scheck Hillel’s core values - Chessed (Kindness), Kavod (Respect), Emet (Honesty), Shalom (Peace) and Ruach (Spirit) - the previous month.

In their nominations, teachers shared examples of how these students went above and beyond to aid their classmates and teachers. From anticipating others’ needs to acts of kindness, these students were respectful, diligent, and empathetic members of the Scheck Hillel community. Kol hakavod to them and their families!