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Science Tackles Bait, Sparks New Ideas

Daniel Shumacher ‘26, an avid fisherman, decided to turn his scientific attention to a problem he says has plagued the fishing world for ages: What’s better at catching fish: real bait or the plastic look-alike? Applying the scientific method, he stated the problem, developed his hypothesis, determined the variables, and went fishing. Daniel’s project was one of 82 on display at the annual Grade 8 Science Fair this week. 

Other questions that perplexed the young scientists ranged from the practical, as in Maia Weitzman's “Take My Breath Away” to the physical, as in Joel Schuster's “Does mass affect speed?” The project showcase gave students an opportunity to demonstrate their expertise, share findings, and reflect on open questions. Upper School science teacher Dr. Angela Williams will now work with the volunteer judges to select a round of finalists. Three projects will ultimately proceed to the regional competition, where Scheck Hillel students have always been strong competitors.
Post data: Daniel found that real bait is most effective from his fishing spot in the Dania Beach pier.