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Senior Capstone Speaker: Follow Your Curiosity

The Class of 2022 hosted International Emmy Award-winner Sandra Aragon, the first female writer for the Latin Grammy Awards and the first speaker in this year’s Capstone Senior Seminar Speaker Series. Ms. Aragon described the complex path that got her where she is today and encouraged seniors to “... follow your curiosity... it will lead you to your purpose.” 
Alexandra Berenstein ’22 - whose brother Michael ’20 kicked off the series - is helping to organize this year’s program. From Ms. Aragon's journey, she learned that "... life is not a straight line."
The Capstone Senior Seminar is one of Scheck Hillel’s signature academic programs, introducing students to seminar-style learning in Language Arts and Judaic Studies. Students meet daily with core Capstone faculty and engage in a series of 2-3 week units addressing essential questions through multiple academic lenses. Topics include decision-making, identity and belonging, overcoming fears, and the power of technology. In the “Introduction to Adulthood” unit, Capstone teacher Cristina Florez, teaches practical skills such as personal budgeting, understanding the stock market, and even changing a car tire: all real-world life skills.