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Spotlight on School Clubs

Today’s spotlight is on the Environmental Club, one of the many extracurricular opportunities that complement the Scheck Hillel experience. Clubs are available schoolwide and draw upon the interests and passions of our students. We’ll profile clubs every week, so stay tuned.  
Club Name: Environmental Club 
Grade Levels: 9-12 
Club Mission: To educate people on climate change and work with them to create meaningful environmental change at Scheck Hillel and beyond. 

Founder and President: Asher Sochaczewski '23
Vice President: Meitalia Factor '23
Graphic Designer: Sadie Lemmer  '25 
Faculty Advisor: Luis Comulada
Examples of Student Activities: 
Beach cleanups, fundraising for the club or an environmental non-profit by selling environmentally friendly products, giving presentations about climate change to classmates, and many more.
Why join the Environmental Club? 
Climate change is the most existential issue facing humanity today. We know that we only have nine years left to tackle climate change before we face the irreversible effects of climate change. 
Climate change is already here with floods, more extreme heat days, more hurricanes, forest fires, and many other disastrous events. We have an obligation as Jews to help the environment so we can embrace the value of Tikkun Olam - repairing the world. We young people are going to inherit the world. We have the choice if we want to inherit an apocalyptic world where the effects of climate change are going to be irreversible. A world where we go above the 1.5° C mark that scientists have warned us not to surpass. Or inherit a world where the warming is limited to 1.5° C. Be on the right side of history and join the Environmental Club as we work to save the world from facing the worst effects of climate change.