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Winter Athletics Tryout Schedule

High SchoolTryout DatesTimes & Location
Boys’ JV BasketballNovember 3 & 44:30-6:30 PM Gym
Boys' Varsity BasketballNovember 1 & 24:30-6:30 PM Gym
Girls' Varsity BasketballOctober 25 & 264:30-6:30 PM Gym
Boys' Varsity SoccerOctober 184:30 PM Half Field
Boys' Varsity SoccerOctober 196 PM Field
Girls' Varsity SoccerOctober 184:30 PM Half Field
Girls' Varsity SoccerOctober 19
6 AM Field
Middle School
Boys' SoccerOctober 27 & 284:15-5:45 PM Half Field          
Girls' BasketballOctober 27 & 28
4:15-5:45 PM Gym
Lower School: Grades 4-5No tryouts. All are welcome
Co-Ed Flag FootballOctober 5
4-5 PM Field      
Boys' and Girls' BasketballJanuary 10
4-5 PM Outdoor Court
Prior to Grade 4-12 students joining any team, online forms must be uploaded to the school’s Dragonfly portal system. View step by step instructions in the Athletics section of eHillel.org. 

Once a student becomes a team member, a one-time $250 athletics participation fee is applied. All schedules can be found under the Athletics section of eHillel.org.