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Our Alumni

Sharon Minski ‘97, Alumna, Parent & School Leader

What aspect of the Scheck Hillel experience stands out as a mark of excellence?
The dual curriculum. I remember the admissions person who interviewed me at the college I ended up attending being impressed by this. At the time to me, it was just what I had always done: split the day between Judaics/Hebrew and General Studies. I now see why it was impressive. Our administrators at Hillel work hard to find the right balance so that students meet and go beyond all the general studies requirements, while also instilling Jewish values and history. The students are able to thrive in this environment and graduate with a well-rounded education.
What is an area at Scheck Hillel where you've seen the most advancement since you graduated?
The counseling as kids reach middle school and high school is much more robust in helping students find their passions and in encouraging them to do their best. They help the students figure out what they may want post-Hillel and give them the tools to achieve those goals. The teachers and counselors are much more hands-on and Hillel provides students with seminars and workshops that prepare them for life.
Where do you feel your background could make a difference?
I have had the opportunity to work in various facets of a business and how different departments rely and support each other. My last few years were focused on Organizational Development and company culture. This has provided me with the ability to look at a situation from the view of different stakeholders and make decisions on what will benefit the organization, in the case of Scheck Hillel, this means always making sure that we stay aligned with the schools’ core values and mission.
What is something your children are learning/doing at Hillel that makes you happy because you experienced it too?
My daughters are in ECE, so most of what has made me happy so far has been seeing them form friendships that could potentially be life-long friendships, like I know I have because of Hillel. It makes me nostalgic to see them playing on the same playground and in the same classrooms (updated of course) that I played in all those years ago. I am looking forward to watching them sing “Memories” at their Kindergarten graduation next year, just like I did.
What is your current profession?
I have taken the last few years off, but my last job was as VP of Organizational Development.
What is an insight you’ve recently gained from reading or from experience? 
It’s not really something I didn’t know, but perhaps something of which I needed to be reminded. We make pivots in our life, deviations from the plan, and those usually lead us to even better places than the original plan.