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Arts at Scheck Hillel

PK4 Takes Art-Full Journey

“Every child is an artist,” Pablo Picasso famously said. Those words were validated by PK4’s amazing journey through art movements of the 20th Century: from Monet’s Impressionism and Picasso’s cubism, to Pollock’s abstract “action painting” and Kahlo’s self portraits. Students explored texture, color and form while creating their own masterpieces, and used a variety of tools - from finger tips to sponges - to achieve different effects. 
Developing a love of creative expression is a key developmental objective of Scheck Hillel’s curriculum through Grade 12. Thank you, PK4 faculty, for designing this wonderful journey for our students: 

PK4A: Yazmin Popiol, Maritza Melamed 
PK4B: Channa Fabian, Tali Barhai, Betty Haber 
PK4C: Jennifer Alon, Carmi Harari, Debbie Gross 
PK4D:  Shoshana Mitrani, Levona Ofri, Rosa Bitton