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Orchestra Performs Second Concert of Season

Enjoy the second virtual concert of the 2020-2021 season, featuring our Grade 7 Orchestra Intermezzo. Director Angelica Losada led her students in “Entry of the Tumblers” (Elliot del Borgo).  Stay tuned for more Jordan Alexander Ressler Arts Program concerts!

“Entry of the Tumblers” (Elliot del Borgo)
Scheck Hillel Orchestra Director: Angelica Losada
String Coach: Ruth Jauregui
Moshe Pinkhasov ‘26
Sammy Hirshbein ‘26
Jacob Backer ‘29
Ella Markowicz ‘29
Leanne Aligem ‘26
Jacob Abitbol ‘26
Josh Barthes ‘26
Salomon Edery ‘26
David Norman ‘26
Jake Kravetz ‘26
Kassandra Lazega ‘26
Nathan Schonfeld ‘26
Avichai Meisels ‘26
Jessica Bonwitt ‘26
Akiva Holstein ‘25