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Mindset Matters

HIP/PTA’s monthly meeting this week was dedicated to “learning about learning,” with a look at how executive functioning and growth mindset impact our students’ daily school performance.  

Scheck Hillel’s Director of Academic Services
Eileen Ginzburg explained the role of executive functions: “These skills are essential in our everyday lives. They include our ability to plan, organize, manage time, adjust the plan as needed and self manage. These skills must be taught, and we embed them in our day-to-day instruction at Scheck Hillel.” 
Ryan Baroff from Revolution Prep - Scheck Hillel’s college entrance test prep partner - pointed to the importance of developing mindsets that lead to positive effort. He noted that the most important influencers in terms of shaping mindsets are parents and teachers, and pointed to the types of praise, critiques and coaching that support growth mindsets. 
Taken together, the principles behind executive functioning and growth mindset provide tools students can use to set goals, work toward reaching them and reflecting on progress. These practices come alive in Scheck Hillel classrooms on a daily basis and work best when they are reinforced at home. Thank you, HIP/PTA, for bringing valuable information to our parent/teacher community.