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Curiosity Sparks Inquiry

Does fruit density affect nutritional value? 
How effective is your face mask? 
Is battery life affected by extreme temperatures? 
And what about the 5-second rule and germs? 

Middle School students in science teacher Angela Williams's classes are addressing these and other real-world problems in this year's science fair. Applying the scientific method, students are asked to identify a problem, hypothesize, determine variables, perform tests, gather data and draw conclusions. Through reflection and further research, they revisit the process critically.

Ms. Williams recounted that her students have worked diligently conducting independent research over the past several months. "They have explored some amazing concepts in science, technology, engineering, and math (STEM). Ten students will move to a second round of judging, which will be narrowed down to three students; they will represent Scheck Hillel at the annual South Florida Science and Engineering Regional Fair. It is going to be tough because there were so many amazing research projects. I am proud of our wonderful young scientists," she added.

These projects lay the foundation for understanding how scientists make new discoveries - from life-saving vaccines to life-preserving seat belts - and increase curiosity about the world around us.