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Mazal Tov!

Future Scheck Hillel cuties are welcomed to our community monthly in our Shabbat Shalom Message. Shehecheyanu V'Kiyimanu...
Elise (Brilliant) and Jason Morjain '03 welcomed a baby boy.
Daviah (Rimboeck) '06 and Kevin Kasten welcomed a baby girl.
Stephanie (Calemczuk) '07 and Sal Zambito welcomed a baby boy.
Shuli (Hervitz) '07 and Moises Eskinazi welcomed a baby girl.
Rachel (Glick) '08 and Jordan Schilt welcomed a baby girl (pictured). Rachel is Scheck Hillel's Associate Director of Development.
Judy (Abadi) '10 and Rocky Kaller welcomed a baby boy.
Danielle (Lacs) '10 and Eddie Reiner welcomed a baby boy.
Tatiana (Waserstein) '12 and Alain Douer welcomed a baby boy.
Bianca Kaswan '13 and Gabriel Sultan welcomed a baby boy.
Ashley and Jordan Mimoun (alum) welcomed a baby boy.
Vanessa Margulis and Brandon Tendler welcomed a baby girl. Vanessa is Scheck Hillel's graphic designer.
Jessica (Dahan)
 Salzberg and Matthew Salzberg welcomed a baby girl. Jessica is a Scheck Hillel Lower School faculty member.