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Return to Campus, Remain on Campus

On June 23rd, Scheck Hillel published detailed plans to return to campus for the 2020-2021 school year, followed by live Zoom Q&As with Head of School Vanessa Donaher. Individual reports were issued for Early Childhood Education, Kindergarten-Grade 1, Grades 2-5, Middle School and High School, reflecting the unique needs of each age cohort.
"Two priorities have guided our decision-making: the safety and wellbeing of our students and faculty, and the continued delivery of a superb academic program," remarked Head of School Vanessa Donaher during the Q&As. In consultation with school leadership, Scheck Hillel's Covid-19 Task Force, medical professionals and the recommendations of state and federal health authorities, the plans include mitigation protocols such as staggered student drop-off and pick-up by zones, temperature checks, systematic hand-washing and use of masks by all on campus. "Our goal is not only to be on campus, but to remain on campus. To achieve this, we count on the partnership we share with our families now more than ever," added Mrs. Donaher. 
Parents had the opportunity to submit questions prior to and during the Q&As, which Mrs. Donaher answered as part of her ongoing approach of open, transparent real-time communication that the community values and deserves. Acknowledging that some answers are unknowable at this time, she expressed deep appreciation for the unwavering support of Scheck Hillel families. 
To read our full return plans, click on the applicable links below.