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Scheck Hillel Announces 2020 Winners of the Performing Arts Awards

Scheck Hillel Community School students have been recognized as winners of the school’s 2019-20 Jordan Alexander Ressler Arts Program Student Performing Arts Awards. This year’s 29 winners have distinguished themselves as accomplished young performing artists whose talent, dedication and spirit mark them as true leaders within their peer groups, and an inspiration for our entire community. 

"The healing and unifying power of the creative arts is more important than ever in these difficult times,” said Stuart Rosenthal, Scheck Hillel’s Arts Program Director and Department Chair. “Bravo to our talented and resilient young performers, and the dedicated teachers and loving families who support them."

Eleven students were honored in the “Instrumental Music - Band” category: Joi Alon ‘20 (John Philip Sousa Award), Elliot Shiro ‘20 (Patrick Gilmore Award), Malvina Dimitri ’22 (Director’s Award - High School), Ella Stern ‘24 (Director’s Award - Middle School), Hannah Stern ‘22 (Leonard Bernstein Award), Zachary Lemmer ‘22 (Quincy Jones Award), Leonardo Bentata ’21 (Musicianship Certificate - High School), Joanna Benhamu ’24 (Musicianship Certificate - Grade 8), Sadie Lemmer ’25 and Yitzhak Lopez ’25 (Musicianship Certificate - Grade 7) and  Liam Garzon ’26 (Musicianship Certificate Grade 6).

Ten students were recognized in the “Instrumental Music – Orchestra” category: Benjamin Cohen ’20 (National School Orchestra Award), Thalia Bentolila ’22 (Director’s Award - High School), Ariella Bitton ’24 (Director’s Award - Middle School), Atara Sredni ’23 (Leonard Bernstein Award), Mordechai Eisenstein ’20 (Musicianship Certificate - High School), Shalom Lev Meisels ’24 and Jasmine Pyle ’24 (Musicianship Certificate - Grade 8), Adina Heinrich ’25 (Musicianship Certificate - Grade 7), Mia Agay ’26 and Avichai Meisels ’26 (Musicianship Certificate - Grade 6).

Eight students were recognized in the “Theater” category: Rotem Miara ’20 (Outstanding Leadership Award), Nathan Schonfeld ’26 (Performance Award), Leanne Aligem ‘26 (Most Improved Thespian), Lily Koplowitz ‘27 (Standing Ovation Award),  Kassandra Lazega ‘26 (Rising Star Award), Eva Kattan ‘25 (Most Valuable Performer), Ellie Esquenazi ‘24 (Director’s Award), and Noah Givner ’21 (Legacy Award).

Scheck Hillel Community School’s Jordan Alexander Ressler Arts Program reflects our community’s commitment to the arts by offering a diverse curriculum, from band, orchestra and music production to visual arts, including Advanced Placement courses. It is enriched by extracurricular offerings like musical theatre, technical theatre and art, as well as band and orchestra beyond the classroom. Our talented teachers empower students with individual creative expression and serious commitment to the arts. Through our program, students learn self-discipline, self-awareness, teamwork and public performance skills. Research has shown that the pursuit and study of the arts foster positive character development in the areas of perseverance, responsibility, determination and willingness to accept challenges.