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Scheck Hillel @ Home: Learning for Enrichment

Students and parents are learning new skills through Scheck Hillel’s Enrichment Program! From American Sign Language to calligraphy, our faculty are sharing talents and passions that complement what they traditionally teach during the school day.  

Here's a sampler of some of the programs: 
Lower School Judaic Studies teacher Ofra Sharabani takes us on a culinary trip around the world - in Hebrew! She begins in Italy, making a delicious pizza from scratch with sous chef Lia Sharabani ‘29 and junior chefs at home. Morah Ofra teaches the recipe and procedure in Hebrew. Lower School teacher Jennifer Alon introduces American Sign Language and shares fascinating facts about this essential communication tool. Upper School Judaic Studies teacher Yaakov Boyd takes us into the realm of Arabic calligraphy, and Upper School Hebrew department chair Ofra Mor travels the world through student photographs. Dean of Students Jessica Best is our yoga guru, and Coach Liz Morgan keeps us in shape with total body and core workouts. And speaking of workouts, the brain and soul get going in Judaics enrichment classes, including Dr. Hana Barouk’s session on Pirkei Avot, Prophets with Rabbi Shlomo Sprung, and much more!