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Healing the Planet: Q&A With Asher Sochaczewski '23

Meet Asher Sochaczewski ‘23, founder of the Scheck Hillel Environmental Club and member of the founding leadership board of the Jewish Youth Climate Movement.


What led you to care about environmental issues?
What led me to care about the environment was I researched and watched tons of videos about climate change and was and still am truly scared. However, instead of just being scared about climate change I decided to act on it.
When did you begin taking action?
I began taking action at the beginning of the school year and decided to start an environmental club at Scheck Hillel.  
Tell us about the Environmental Club at Hillel and some of your activities.
The Hillel Environmental Club is a place for the high schoolers to learn about the environment and get involved with different projects to help the environment. The club has participated in beach cleanups and in funding for Edens Reforestation, which is an organization that plants trees in poor countries. We funded this by selling metal straws for two weeks and we were able to raise enough money to donate $225 to Edens Reforestation.
What are your hopes for the summer and next school year as far as the club is concerned? 
My hopes for the summer and next year in terms of the club goes is to protest outside of city hall with the Environmental Club in an effort to declare a climate emergency. Also, I plan on raising money for funding for an organization that helps tackle climate change. Other plans include planting trees on campus and doing more beach cleanup.

Do you have an environment quote or message that you'd like to share?
An important quote that I would like to share is the following. "I am here to say, our house is on fire...I want you to act as you would in a crisis. I want you to act as if your house is on fire because it is.” -Greta Thunberg