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High-Level Speakers Enhance Curriculum

As part of Scheck Hillel Community School's curriculum, students are privileged to learn from leading voices in Jewish affairs, business, government and other fields. On campus this week, High School students met with two distinguished speakers: Zev Hurwitz, Director of Campus Affairs for the American Jewish Committee, and Eden Hadassi, a reservist in the Israel Defense Forces (IDF). Mr. Hurwitz addressed key issues affecting Jewish students on college campuses and the need for an informed and active Jewish response. Eden relayed her IDF experience, which was marked profoundly by her brother’s passing in the Lebanon war. She joined the Maglan Unit - the same unit in which her brother fought - to honor him and serve her country. Eden now mentors children who have suffered similar losses.

These intimate sessions allow students to ask questions, challenge assumptions and gain invaluable insights. Speakers also enhance classroom learning. Scheck Hillel is proud to incorporate Israel education and advocacy in the High school curriculum beginning in Grade 9, preparing our students to lead confidently as they graduate to colleges and universities around the country.