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New Twist To Old Spice

Our seniors are getting yet another taste of the real world in two of their Capstone Senior Seminar rotations. This week, students in Upper School teacher Opher Yunger’s Marketing class pitched their "clients" (a peer and faculty audience) on the strengths and weaknesses of a brand's current positioning. By immersing themselves in the lives of their brand's, our seniors developed insights and novel tactics to reach their targets. A “fresh” look at Old Spice, for example, positioned the brand as an escape from stress. Questions from the audience created "aha moments" as presenters got to hone communication, collaboration and entrepreneurial skills. 

In the “Introduction to Adulthood” class, seniors learned about personal budgeting, building investment portfolios and selling companies in a unit taught by Cristina Florez, Experiential Learning & Internship Coordinator. For their final projects, students collaborated in teams to create a profile of a company of their choice. They also presented to a panel of judges. Students were challenged to add a new feature to the company as a selling point. Groups chose companies such as Enterprise and Glossier.

As our Grade 12 students continue to pursue mandatory requirements toward a Scheck Hillel diploma, they rotate through courses in Capstone Senior Seminar, one of Scheck Hillel's hallmark programs preparing students for college and career.